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Recycled Thermal Rolls

Environmentally Friendly Recycled Thermal Paper for Your Business Advantage:

TSI Converting (“TSI”) introduction of recycled thermal paper rolls to the marketplace represents an important first step in facilitating the transformation of the paper industry to a more enhanced eco-friendly status.  This alternative green-based recycled thermal paper product provides end user groups with an environmentally friendly alternative to the standard non-recycled thermal receipt paper that is currently used by most if not all end user groups.

Recycled thermal paper consists of 30% to 70% post-consumer waste (“PCW”) or those materials that are routinely discarded in a variety of fashions.  In addition to the 30% PCW content, the virgin portion of the thermal paper is provided by a Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”) certified mill that employs sustainable forest practices.  The base thermal paper is produced in a FSC mill and is then blended with the 30% PCW to create the recycled thermal paper.  TSI’s mill is FSC certified..

The performance as well as the print contrast quality of the recycled thermal receipt paper is equally impressive.  Although the recycled thermal paper is slightly less bright than the non-recycled thermal paper, the print output on the recycled thermal paper is very dark black and is equivalent to the thermal receipt paper from a readability standpoint.

Recycled thermal paper is unique from the standpoint that it provides end user groups, whom on an annual basis expend a significant quantity of standard thermal paper, with a viable mechanism that can be utilized to considerably enhance their existing green-based program.  This innovative product represents both a simplistic and inexpensive approach to add substantial value to an organization’s green mission.

Additional benefits of usage:  green focus, source implementation at point of sale terminals, customer awareness, promotion of organization’s environmental commitment, enhancement of organization’s brand, reduction of carbon footprint, and preservation of natural resources.   .

Recycled thermal paper rolls will be available in all of the standard retail sizes and specific account driven roll sizes can be produced as an alternative to the customary paper roll sizes.  Moreover, the green recycled logo can be added to the paper roll as a complement to the placement of the organizational logo.  Additional organizational specification requirements for receipt paper can be satisfied at the request of the customer.

When you consider the output quality of the recycled thermal paper receipt, the environmental benefits attained through usage, and that the pricing is comparable to if not better than the standard thermal paper, it makes considerable business sense to go greener and switch.